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The strength of the Human Design Channels.

Date:   2/24/2017 7:03:05 AM ( 4 y ago)

The Human Design System is probably my very best encouragement to view life as one enormous world stage of amazing entertainment! My outer world might be likened unto a "shrunken skull" in the sense of geographic dimensions yet my social world goes far and wide when in "close encounters" with fellow "travelers" as we are all passengers in our "vehicles" and the Human Design System's purpose is to enlighten us as to how these vehicles operate.

Everyone is a unique Individual and Human Design shows this in the BodyGraph. Every Individual has nine Human Design Centers that are either Defined or Undefined. One is not better than the other. Every one has thirty six Human Design Channels. (Who needs T.V. when you have 36 channels on board! ; ~ )

When Channels are Defined they are reliable life-force strengths. Most people have at least one Defined Channel. As someone with four Defined Channels I can readily say that having all these four Channels "on" at the same time makes life really amazing! I've felt the consistent "life-force" turned on as of about age eighteen and as of age nineteen had stopped watching t.v. I don't need it! There is enough going on with my own Channels to keep me more than very well entertained! Part of this is evident in all the blogging I do and especially when I share personal life experiences.

My Defined Channels are:
and 37/40.
I intend to share more about these Channels so stay tuned!

April 28, 2017 -

"In Mozart’s design, the ‘self’ (the yellow diamond-shaped centre) is connected to the sacral centre (the red square) by the ‘channel of rhythm’. This is in turn connected to two further channels, the ‘channel of the archetype’ and the ‘channel of the transmitter’. When you put these three together, you have a man who is here to transmit archetypal rhythms into the world."[1]

May 11, 2017 -

Everyone now has "The Channel of Structuring" as the Sun and Earth transit the two gates in this channel and thereby define it.[2]

This channel "links the Ajna Center to the Throat through the Gate of Insight (Ajna 43) and the Gate of Assimilation (Throat 23).

Empowerment and evolutionary change are possible when new perspectives and innovative thinking are clearly explained and accepted.

Background: When the mind is connected to the Throat Center through this Individual channel, it engages in a mutative and metamorphic process that empowers efficiency. The Channel of Structuring conceptualizes and expresses a unique and original perspective in a way that changes how people see and think. Using keynotes, for example, is an ultra-efficient way to say something. ... If those with this channel do not wait for proper timing, their unique knowing, no matter how well expressed, will rarely be of value to or understood by others. ..."[3]



Plus see BodyGraph for Mozart:
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"The secret of how we are conditioned in life lies in the white centres in our design chart. Wherever you see a centre or channel in your design that is not coloured in (known as an undefined centre), you are looking at something that is deeply attractive to you. The white centres are where we are not fixed; they are what we long for. At the genetic level, we are only interested in what is different from us. Look again at Mozart’s chart. You can see clearly that his throat centre is the only centre that is not drawn in colour. The throat centre is where we express ourselves. What Mozart most longed for in his life was to express his music, but how and when it was expressed was never in his hands. If he had understood this, he might have felt less frustrated in his life. Undefined centres are where we are designed to be conditioned by others.Through understanding the basics of our own design chart, we can see exactly how and where we are conditioned by the forces around us. In this way, we can take advantage of our conditioning, rather than trying to escape it, which is an impossible task."

[2] https://www.jovianarchive.com/Just_Now

[3] The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu


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