Spring Is When 2017 Begins by Chef JeM .....

The new year from an astrological perspective

Date:   3/4/2017 1:11:37 AM ( 5 y ago)

"...begin now where we are energetically and astrologically and recognize that after Monday March 20, 2017 at 3:29 am PDT …Spring begins and to me as an astrologer the Sun into the FIRST sign of the zodiac ARIES signals the year TRULY BEGINS: SO, I have NOT had my NEW year yet folks.."

Carol Barbeau

I have great affinity for Spring as the beginning of the new year and also for the fact that many different seeds can be planted before the first day of Spring. With Spring we see the new expressing above ground however there is much preparation that needs to be made "below the surface" in order for the new to be expressed! I've been preparing for Spring and look forward to it! Happy Spring!


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