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Energy body of snakes=religions Matsuken Samba II | Tinnitus

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 29, 2004

Energy body of snakes=religions Matsuken Samba II | Tinnitus

I felt the uncomfortable feeling in the left index finger on Dec. 28, 2004

"Stone god who did the work speaking.

(Stone god in Sumatra)

I had no choice.
The wound of the earth was so terrible that I thought the earth god might die.
The comet collided with the earth in the subconsciousness world and big wound was made on the earth.
Therefore many Stone gods moved (=helped the earth) all at once.
The reason why the earth was cracked was that atoms gathered together as subconsciousness of the people who believed snakes as god called for help.
However energy body of the snakes took over the comet, came descended and collided with the earth.
It may be unexpected but white pillars which stand here and there are the mates who express white snakes.

(Though there are many pillars on which "We hope the human race in the world become peace!" are written and they stand here and there in Japan.
I was told through the channeling that it is the religion which has been dominated by the energy body of white snakes from previous days.
Guru named Goi have a connection with Qigong(Mr. Ueshiba).
Qigong was given the energy by the energy body of the snakes which was reported in the magazine named Mu.)

I was told the offspring of the king of Ryukyu district is the successor of guru named Goi and he is related to the priest of Mu.
The consciousness of the people who believe the religion think they believe the religions for the peace of the earth.
However subconsciousness of those people are taken advantage by the energy body of snakes and subconsciousness cooperate with the energy body of them.
Because all other religions have been made by the Ruler's Stars.
As every religion comes to worship the particular person, energy body is generated there.
Those energy bodies coalesce and form the huge energy body.
Therefore more and more large comets will be attracted to the earth.
And as the earth gets scratched each time, more huge earthquakes and tidal waves will occur.
As a result of it, the earth will get spoiled."

I have often been told such the harsh things as the earth will return to the stone age, through the channeling.
I want believers of every organization and religious groups to think seriously about this problem.

At 19:00 on Dec. 28, 2004
There occurred the earthquake of Seismic intensity 5 in Chuetsu region after the big earthquake.
Therefore I asked the atoms from the sky and the universe why do they make the people in the disaster area feel the serious feelings.

"Stone gods try to let humanity know as early as possible.
Even though Stone gods and the atoms from the sky are informing, the song of Matsuken Samba II is sung in the annual contest among male and female popular singers on New Year's Eve.
The earthquakes here are not caused because the wound has been made on the earth."
The person who plays the role of Tokugawa general of the army who were dominated by Pleiadenai shakes the hips.
Therefore the earthquake occurs as Stone god shakes the hips with sarcasm.

As there are persons who complain the abnormality of the ear before the earthquake, I heard the meaning of it.

"The atoms from the stars have descended.
Abnormality of the ears occur because the robots of 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe sends the signals.
I want you notice it.
There are whirlpools in the ears and they express 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe.

(I was first conveyed Ammonite expresses 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe.)

'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe made the whirlpool first and expressed he made stars.
Please notice about Stone gods and the atoms from the sky so that more warning announcements won't be given to humanity by earthquakes and tsunamis.
I want humanity notice that big earthquakes and tsunamis occur as the earth gets hurt.
Please notice it before people get the big damage.
We sent the signal to the human ears."

The snail tube plays an important role in the structure of the ear.


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