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Atoms have consciousness

Date:   3/30/2017 4:41:37 PM ( 4 y ago)

Obelisk | The hole under Sphinx

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth


Obelisk | The hole under Sphinx

The TV program "Discovery of the World's Mysteries" taught us that Obelisk is derived from the name of skewer of skewers.

"Now you've found, haven't you?

I was told previously that the passages of pyramids were made by piercing the skewer into the pyramids with the thing like the rectangular pillar while the pyramids were still soft.
Though the passage which leads to the room of the king is narrow, the passage which leads to the space at the top is narrower.
You will find it is narrower when you go towards the tip of the passage.
It may show it is right to insist that the passage was made by piercing with the thing like Obelisk.

I smelt the smell of garbage in an instant while sleeping.

"The garbage is decomposed quickly as stars send the fungus by which it makes easier to be decomposed when it is buried with the withered things."

Above was informed by the atoms from the sky and the universe.
I was told previously that the passages of pyramids were made to put air.
The four space in the tip were also made for keeping air.
I thought air was needed to decompose the body of Stone gods(?).
I was told pyramids were the graves for the children of Stone gods and they turned into the fertile sand, when they were decomposed.
Pleiadenai dominated Stone gods at the age of the grandson of Stone gods and they were made into the sands after the death of them.
(I think whether it would turn into stone or sands was decided what Stone gods think at the time of their end.)
Khufu was the man of mimicry was told again.
The first small human king (Khufu) was derived from the last king of Stone god Khufu, because Stone god claimed to be Khufu as Khufu means "the being who came from the sky" in Japanese.
There is a hole under the Great Sphinx.
Water was made to spring from the hole and priests were told as follows.

"You should drink the pee of the cat."

I was told cats were sent from Pleiadenai.
The mummies of cats were also made so that they should be worshiped as the god(?).
There are figures in which crocodiles were also worshiped as gods.
I think people and Stone humans of Egypt were still dominated by the beings of 'THE UNIVERSE'.



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