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Atoms have consciousness

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From Munoia | The departure of a ship | Zen (Buddhism) Summit | The meaning of corn silk | The cloud of Hurricane Katrina

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Sep. 6, 2005

Munoia | The departure of a ship | Zen (Buddhism) Summit | The meaning of corn silk | The cloud of Hurricane Katrina

I woke up suddenly at midnight on Sep. 6, 2005.

The time has come for saying goodbye, because Hoshinomina (alter ego of Ms Taeko Shiraki) is spoken badly again if I am connecting with her.
I can't stand any more.
Please don't worry me.
Many ships are waiting in the sky.
The reason why they are moving forward slowly is to get the information securely about human society by their robots.
The atoms from the sky and the universe also want to farewell the earth."

* )Ship=The ships are ready to set sail have repeatedly been told to me since the other day.
The atoms from the sky and the universe seem to have thought the information about the ship found in the desert in Egypt (The "You fellows" story)come out into the world.
But however often it has been conveyed to the world, the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' has not come out in the table even though Middle East peace has progressed.
Therefore I have often been told the atoms from the sky and the universe, the earth and Stone gods are getting angry.
* the beings from the stars=(They tell they won't be involved no matter what will happen on the earth as humanity don't stop continuing the act ignoring the will of the earth.)

#)Each governor of Hokkaido and Tohoku districts in Japan bothered to hold Zen (Buddhism) Summit at Chusonji temple the other day, even though the earth and Stone gods hate the energy body of Buddhism so much.
Therefore the typhoon may cause much damage there.
The governor of Hokkaido is especially in cooperation with New Komeito(Political party to embrace Buddhism) and he has been informed by earthquakes and typhoons but he pretends to know nothing.

#)corn silk

"Corn expresses the universe and corn kernels express stars.
The corn silk which is attached to kernels have the same meaning as the hair on the human head which are attached so that humanity would notice stars."

Though I have overlooked until now, I have found the corn silk come out from kernels.
When I boiled the corn, I smelt very good scent which taught it.

At 10:30

"I--I--I'll go away soon.
Munoia speaking.
I think what will be will become naturally from now on.
The long and short of it, we can't help leaving everything to the thought of Stone gods in each region who have kept being bullied."

#)Introduction of bulletin board

The cloud of Hurricane Katrina.

Cloud of lattice-like at the bottom and the eye of Hurricane.
Though specialists might say it is nothing but the contrail, why does it remain like this?

"The atoms which form the steam of the clouds have consciousness and they are warning.
They are looking with the eye securely."

No one can say it is impossible atoms have consciousness.


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