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The beginning of my 40 day fast

Date:   6/2/2017 1:36:20 PM ( 6 y ago)

This is my first time blogging and my first time fasting. I am doing this mostly to keep track of my results and to help me reach my goal, but if anyone else is inspired by my journey that would be amazing. I am a 5'4" 38 year old Female. My beginning weight is 341.1 pounds and my pant size is a snug 26. My goal weight is 160 pounds and I am beginning with a 40 day fast. I hope to lose 50 pounds the first round. I started the blog late so I will be recounting my experience from the last 3 days leading to today. Feel free to leave a comment. If I know someone is reading it will keep me accountable and on track.

DAY ONE: 341.1 lbs.

I began this on a whim since eating so little the day before without trying. The hunger was not bad. I had a slight headache for the last 2 hours of the day that subsided with a hot bath. Although I didn't feel bad I could not sleep, so I did more research on fasting which led me to decide to begin a hard dry fast. It began this night after my bath at 10 pm

DAY TWO: 340.8 lbs.

I was a bit disappointed when I weighed on day two as I had read about so many people half my size losing weight immediately after starting, but I felt good and had no hunger so my spirits remained high. Still no water all day. I was surprised at how moist my mouth was. I was also surprised at my ability to cook meals for my 2 year old twins and stay on track, especially since the smells are so much stronger and wonderful now. No hunger whatsoever and the headache did not return. I had trouble sleeping again, but felt that much of it was discomfort from not being able to shower.

DAY 3: 340.6 lbs.

At this point I was beginning to get discouraged at how little weight I had lost. But with some encouragement from CureZone members and remembering that I also wanted the healing benefits from this fast, I continued on. I broke my dry fast at 2 pm for a fast time of 40 hours. Not because I was thirsty but because I could not stand not having a shower any longer. The water I had after my shower never tasted so good! But then came hunger. It was harder to fight today bc I had lost no weight and I was feeling a little weak. Cooking meals for my kids proved more difficult. When I stood it felt like I had little muscle strength to pull in all my fat like I normally do. It just hung there. Still, I went grocery shopping for the twins and surprised myself with the energy and self control that I must have pulled from somewhere deep inside myself. When I went to bed I decided to do intermittent dry fasting daily, allowing myself contact with water between 2pm and 8pm. I decided that I'm just having a slow start and that this was going to work. Still unable to sleep I likened myself to a child in November anxiously awaiting what was sure to be the best Christmas ever.

TODAY-DAY 4: 335 lbs.

I cried when I weighed today. It was such a relief to see that I wasn't fighting this battle for nothing. I still felt mildly hungry and weak and a headache threatened come on most of the day, but stayed at bay. I also experienced mild muscle soreness in my butt,arms, and legs. I had to exercise more will power when I cooked dinner for the twins but thinking of the weight I lost overnight kept me in check. At 7 I took my bath so I could start my dry fast again at 8 and realized a problem with my time frame when I had a couple of two year olds trying to help me bathe and trying to climb in the tub with me. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but tomorrow I will change my water cconsumption/exposure to 4pm to 10pm to be able to take a relaxing bath after they have gone to bed. Towards the end of the afternoon I started experiencing sharp pains in my chest when I bend over. A quick Google search assured me that it is not heart pains but it mildly concerns me. Still, I don't think it is reason to stop. I end day 4 feeling pretty tired and weak but overall a great day considering the weight loss.


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