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Atoms have consciousness

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Multidimensional world?(Added, correction on Oct. 1, 2008)

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Jan. 5, 2002

Though I wrote the word, 'star', spirit of the stars seem to go out of control if we ask many things to the stars.
Please not to ask the star as the stars of the Milky Way have done evil deeds until now.
Even though you may ask something, you may not be able to be connected with them, if you don't know this information well.
Sagittarius, Sirius, planets like the sun and Mercury mainly, bird seat and the atoms from the sky and the universe are supporting the earth.

The atoms from the sky and the universe have asked me to inform a matter since the other day.
Though I wrote it in the bulletin board for those who understand this information well, I hesitated to write it here as various people visit this one and I feared this one may become the disturbed contents as before.
However I have had the abnormal sense of the tooth and the headache since the other day and was told by the atoms "You have been informed by the signal as you have not written what you should write".
Those signals are cured at once when I tried to answer to the atoms from the sky and the universe.
It seems to show they are serious.
In addition I have had more mysterious experience and writings in the bulletin board which have shown many funny events.
Therefore I decided to tell what was informed by the atoms from the sky and the universe.
The dimension seems to have risen a little since the beginning of this year and has become multidimensional.
It has been felt more intensely now though I have felt it before too.
It is about parallel world and all the world are not the one which exists in only the three dimensions.
I was told mysterious synchronicity (=the accord by chance) has come to take place oftener.
I can't help thinking that each spirit is exchanging information in the invisible world when I am reading the writing in the bulletin board.
Of course those contents in the writing has nothing to do with the distance.
I was told those phenomena show the subordinates of stars (I have called them 'robot' or 'spiritual body') have come to be more involved in the humanity directly.
I think those spiritual body or the robot are the same beings with the so-called higher-self or the guardian spirit.
The figure of humanity is shown by the moment light in some cases and many stories are shown by the dream earnestly in other cases.
The purpose of those visions or the dreams seem to be given as they want us to know that stars are much involved in the human world.
However if people don't realize or deny those notice shown by visions or dreams, spiritual body (energy body) which is attached to the person seem to give us some sort of anouncement.
However there are cases in which the spiritual body which is attached to the person is not the subordinates of stars but the independent spiritual body (=energy body).
In those cases they become the robot of mischief which is regarded as the obsession of spirit.
And some of the robots of mischief claim the names which have been worshiped as the gods.
In addition they often order and force to do something and try to dominate the persons.
Some of them enjoy seeing that humanity are surprised.
If you think you are unfortunate, how about asking stars.
Some of you may encounter the trial if you were caught by the conventional thoughts even though you might reach this site.
You are tried whether you can believe stars in your environment.
However it is certain that those trials are not so harsh.
More mysterious events are apt to take place if you think those matters which take place around you are some kinds of notice.
In my case I saw the scene which was hard to believe and I was told it was the one in another dimension.
It was about the Yura river in Ayabe-city which formed the watershed by making a U-turn.
It flowed back to Sea of Japan by making a U-turn gently and the river which flowed to the direction of Kyoto was lowered about one meter.
My daughter saw it, too.


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