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Prediction | Dragon of China and Mongol | Code of Hammurabi | Illuminati | Revelation

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Nov. 9, 2007

Prediction | Dragon of China and Mongol | Code of Hammurabi | Illuminati

#)I got the signal between the right big toe and the middle finger.

"*Brazilian “Psychic" Jucelino Nobrega da Luz is the person who belongs to the star of hawk.
The prediction came not to prove right as star of hawk was gone."

Juscelino, a prophet,

His prediction

The earthquake is to occur in May, 2007 in Japan(Tokyo).
The panic is to be caused.

The earthquake is to occur in October, 2007 in Japan.
A great number of victims are to remain.

Prophecy was off together.
The Webmaster of my site told me lots of Spam e-mails are being sent to my site.
Therefore I asked the atoms from the sky and the universe the reason why those Spam mails were sent to me.

"It is the fight against the evil.
It is the fight told in Revelation.(?)
Please open announcements from the stars to public."

As I was told as above, let me open a part to public, though there are some which I hesitate to do so.
At dawn suddenly on Nov. 3

"Dragons which were in China were gone imperceptibly.
Therefore the atoms from the sky and the universe checked where dragons were and found they had been spread to all over the world by entering the food.
They had taken refuge in the human bodies.
The person who found it was the man who lived in the village and did the work.
He was the person who had the spirit of Mt. Kimi(the mountain in Ayabe city)".

Nov. 5, 2007.
I woke up at midnight as I felt itchy on the right arm.

"(The spirit of) Stone god has descended.
I'm Stone god who created Code of Hammurabi.
I was a child or Mt. Teine.
Though I tried to follow Mt. Teine which went to Egypt, I became tired of following him in the middle way to Egypt and descended.
I made Stone humans and I made the stone of Code of Hammurabi in order to teach Stone humans.
The reason why I named it Code of Hammurabi was Hammu means half (in Japanese) and rabi means ease (raku in Japanese), because I was able to be effortless as I descended in the middle of the way to Egypt.
Hammurabi has such the meaning as half is easy.
Let me tell you the true meaning of Code of Hammurabi.
Stone humans who had appeared until then were stone columns and they had no eyes in the part of the face.
Therefore I told that the face of Stone human should have eyes if Stone man had found the pattern of eyes in Egypt.
Eyes were drawn so that they would be able to be determined in Egypt.
I told Stone humans that they should have eyes in the faces of them.
It is the true meaning of "an eye for an eye" which was told to Stone man.
"A tooth for a tooth" means it is better to clench teeth well and chew food enough.

There were semi-Stone humans who took nutrition by eating from the mouth.
It is the phrase for those semi-Stone humans.
It is the Ruler's Stars which took advantage of the phrase for Stone human in order to give the meaning of the revenge to the phrase.
Humans became miserable because blood blew out.
And the revenge came to be repeated and the human world became the one of terror.
Consequently Muhammad taught "if somebody gave you something beautiful to see, you should gift them back something beautiful to see, and as "a tooth for a tooth" meant "if somebody gave you something to eat, you should gift them back something to eat."
He taught humans not to monopolize the wealth.

*)The child of Mt. Teine

This is the dream which a reader had when he was about to woke up.

"Dragon of Ohomoto (religious sect founded in 1892 as an offshoot of Shinto) is hiding in Mongolia."

The guru and his disciples of Ohomoto went to Mongolia.

The object of worship believed to contain the spirit of a deity, typically housed in a shrine of Ohomoto (religious sect founded in 1892 as an offshoot of Shinto) is Dragon.

It is important for us to know that dragon is the chief of the snakes.
Both temples and shrines worship Dragon.
People who believe in Dragon involve the earth in the strives.
In spite of that, it is the mistake to insist the peace in a covert manner of the religion.

(The organization of the religions penetrate into the World Federation.)

The cloak of invisibility for Emperor's family is Ohomoto (The religious sect founded in 1892 as an offshoot of Shinto) which has faith in Dragon.
They asked Wanisaburo to spread Dragon to all of the world.

(There is the rumor that tells Wanisaburo is an illegitimate child of royalty.)

That is why Wanisaburo sent Dragon to Mongolia and Asashouryu, the sumo wrestler, the incarnation of the Dragon came to Japan.
Wanisaburo is the messenger of Susano."


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