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The earthquake in Miyagi Prefecture, The warning about the transformation project of the earth

By Takashi

From the information of "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA"

March 11, 2011

【The earthquake in Miyagi Prefecture, The warning about the transformation project of the earth】

I wish to express my condolences to those who were victimized by the major earthquake.
Last night, I informed the government about The True SKY(SORA)Info late in the evening, as I had had the too intense warning signal to my body from the SKY (SORA), the universe,
Though I informed about the warning from the SKY (SORA), the universe, previously , too, it was ignored.
Consequently I was informed previously, too, the transformation project of the earth have been advanced in the universe.
They say such the project can be changed by the way of human basic stance but most humans stick to their own self-servitude.
That's why there is no change in the human society and it is full of strives.
Why do earthquake come about?

I'd like to ask you to read what has been informed by the SKY (SORA), the universe, without being caught in the theory so far.

The scale of the earth is M8.4, The tsunami in Kamaishi is 4.2 m

Many places of the earth began to break.
Besides this, the recessed holes were made from around the world, abnormal weather, the political change of Islam, ,and so on are all connected with the information of "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA".
The matter which have been told strictly from the SKY (SORA), the universe, is that royalism and imperial system have not been changed at all and many people are suffering from hunger because only a part of people monopolize the wealth of the earth.
What was more, most humans aren't aware why they came to be born as humans because they cling to all the religions.
As long as they are not changed, the transformation project of the earth seems to be advanced.
Why do lives exist on the earth?
We should return to the origin by reflecting on the above.
That's the main point to stop the transformation of the earth.
The earthquake comes about repeatedly in Miyagi Prefecture because The word "Miyagi" is equivalent to the one of the Imperial Palace in Japanese.
In a nutshell, atoms try to tell they oppose the Imperial Palace.
This time the earthquake came about in Tome city at an early stage .
"Tome" means "stop" in Japanese.
The word "Ishinomaki" of Ishinomaki city relates to this information.
The information which was informed previously became more credible recently.

#)The rupture of water pipe, The depression of the road,"The eye of cloud" which observes it=Nanjing

The road collapsed on 10 March, in Nanjing.

Before and after that, the eye-shaped cloud whose shape is made of aligned two rings were generated in the sky.
It is my first time to see such a thing, though I had noticed various shaped sky eyes since previously days.
Incidentally the earthquake in Yunnan Province (M 5.8, the dead 24)came about on the same day at 11:28 on March 10,

#)Several rings in the sunset sky, The light ring in Sizuoka Prefecture

The light rings which surround the sun several times showed up in the west sky just before the sun set around five thirty in the afternoon of March 2.
The warning by the SKY (SORA), the universe, show up at an early stage.
The warning clouds show up around one month ago and less warning ones show up just before the incidents like the earthquakes.

"It didn't rain in the stone age.
As it was warm, Stone Gods lived in the hollowed land.
They also became the big cloth, as they could be stretched thinly.
They became thin georgette, the celestial raiment and tapestries.
They also became the tents like the yurt which prevented the drying from sun's rays.
Helium is different from He.
Helium is the thing which is made into shape of the gently-sloping mountain by the lining up.
Small e is the shape of half of the gently-sloping mountain shape which is made into the crooked halfby bursting ."
"The pine trees in Rome were made to inform that Stone humans should take exercises.
The soft leaves of Roman pine tree don't hurt humans.
The seeds are hid in the berry which expresses the shield.
It informs people that it is important to store food while people are taking Battle Movement."
"Vatican's pinecone makes sense.
Pine berries are hid in the pine cones.
They store berries while they don't know.
It is the same as the Vatican.
The Vatican conceals lots of treasure."

"The spirit of Daisen Stone Gods speaking.
I went to Sakai from Tottori Prefecture to drink salt water.
It became Nintoku-ryo Tumulus.
Daisenryo-kofun Tumulus (which is said to be the mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku)

In those days there was no Sea of Japan.
Japan was connected with the continent.
Consequently I headed for the sea of Osaka by turning into slime mold.
There was no Seto Inland Sea then.
The Stone Gods who came later to the earth headed for Seto Inland Sea after Seto Inland Sea had been made.

(They are Tsukuriyama tumulus, Goshikizuka tumulus,and so on)
Goshikizuka tumulus

I became bigger when I drank sea water.
The shape of an ancient Japanese tomb of a circular shape with a rectangular frontage shows the shape of the star.
The circle shows Sagittarius and the square shows Sirius.
The atoms of Stone God changed into the stone boxes, in which Minashigos which are smaller than Minanokos(small groups of atoms) gathered together and they became Stone humans by being given the power of stars .
The aggregation of Minashigo which is smaller than Minanoko(small groups of atoms) knew nothing.
They were Yayoi people.
That's why they were guided by clay image of a man or bell-shaped bronze vessels in the Yayoi period.
The handle of the stone box was made in order to let Stone a human go out by opening the lid of the box.
Minanokos(small groups of atoms) opened the lid.
Minanokos were the beings which were drawn in the picture.
They came to the earth from stars.
Jomon men lived before Yayoi people.
Jomon men were the alter egos of Stone Gods."

I felt acute pain in the buttock on September 9.

"Sirius is informing you.
That's because we want you to inform the information of "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA" to the government."

The pain diminished after I had informed it of the government。

I sent the emergency announcement to the government at 01:45 on March 11, 2011.
I have just received the following response.



Subject: Administrative consultation accepted via the Internet

Thank you for your opinion, consultation,request or information.
Let us inform you because we received your administrative consultation via the Internet.
Incidentally, you can't get the reply because this mail is sent by automatic transmission.


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