Yuletide...Baldr is the reason for the season by Ren .....

Yelled at by a hysterical christian about the "real christmas" :face palm:

Date:   12/14/2017 7:37:03 AM ( 4 y ago)

Hysterical OCD christian got me like... No not really...actually the turning of the Mother's sacred wheel and Frigga and Baldur are the reason for the season. I get it though...Yes Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at this time of year...totally out of sync with the actual birth which would be about May! LOL...so #please However being a zen practitioner and remembering I too was once a hysterical xtian zealot...not so bad to say to peoples' faces though...dayum...and I took care of this man's MOTHER.

Don't go full tilt crazy if people say...HAPPY HOLIDAYS because at this time of year it is truly many holidays at once. Dayum...chillax... it's not that serious.

Read here the story of Frigga and Baldur at Yuletide...

The most handsome of the gods was born to Frigg and Odin. He was named Balder (also known as Baldur or Baldr). He was a god of truth and light. Balder was also knowledgeable in healing herbs and runes, which made him a favorite among the people of Midgard. Balder lived in a palace named Breidablik with his wife Nanna


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