First Art of the New Year by Mayah .....

I keep colored pencils, paper, and ink pens next to my bed for just those moments when, sleepy and tired, I crawl into bed and then am suddenly hit with an urge to create art. Sigh. No sleep for me!

Date:   1/5/2018 11:30:52 PM ( 4 y ago)
"Dance of the Flower People" by mayah(c)2018 11" X 7" Mixed media colored pencil, ink, hand embroidery.

Drew this little work early this morning--1:30 AM was when I started! There are 7 flowers; according to Tibetan numerology, "7" is the number of Divinity, Wholeness, Perfection, Learning life

It was inspired by a 4" X 6" photograph that I keep on my bed next to my pillow. The photo is of tiny eucalyptus trees newly sprouted. On the back of the card is a hand-sewn mesh that holds eucalyptus seed pods--the scent is wonderful! I purchased the card at a craft fair sometime last year:
Dance of the Flower People framed, 11" X 17"


Happy New Year 2018!


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