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"Decisions" are mental and very limited to just the mind. In contrast: "Conscious-choice" is akin to nine-centeredness which is all-inclusive of our whole being!

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March 5, 2020 - "... the Automatic Activation of Type.

As you raise the frequency of your DNA beyond the Shadow patterns of the not-self, you bring yourself naturally into a higher harmony with all creation. The higher your frequency rises in the spectrum the more impeccably you move in coordination with cosmic geometry. Therefore, without even knowing your (Human Design) Type and its strategy it simply plays itself out in your life automatically of its own accord. It is actually a by-product of raising your frequency. ..."[14]*


This Blog-writer finds significant relief in the above quote after several years of holding some uncertainty regarding communicating with others about their own innate wisdom of their Design without reference to the Jovianism of "Type and its strategy."

September 27, 2019 -

Coming to realize the relevance of what is described in the following.

"...We can't help people to correct things that they don't even want to see and have their excuses for. We can't forcefully pull people out of their denial and get them to work on what obviously has been spoilt and would need fixing. (As per Human Design Hexagram/Gate 18 now activated under the Sun's transit). Denial is the most difficult core wound to be overcome. Also, Chiron is still bringing potential hurt and pain through ignorance.

October 2019 is a forking of the path: one path is for those who move towards awareness and one path is for those who refuse to work on themselves and stay stuck in the old paradigm and in ignorance.

On a sidenote, someone who refuses to work on themselves might sometimes appear like the most spiritual person and sell themselves as spiritual, sometimes even to impress others or to land a hit. They might even be into Human Design, other systems, spirituality, psychedelics, occult knowledge – but they might justify their shadows with “no choice”. They might focus their corrective (un)awareness on the outside and on other people's not-self onto which they project their own issues. instead of trying to identify and work through their own shadows."[13]

July 5, 2019 -

"... prepare and equip yourselves by rising up to the regions situated above your consciousness and self-consciousness – to the regions of the super-consciousness. ..."[12]


The above quote is just one line from a whole paragraph that deserves to be read in its entirety. Then you'll have a little better idea of what the blog-writer means when he says he had descended through "dark labyrinths" of "the lower worlds" and is all grateful to have survived it all, be alive now and able to share certain "knowledge" as a result of a number of amazing journeys!

Serendipitous with this quote that had just arrived in "The Thought of the day" is the fact that this writer had responded to a post by a former "Local Church" member with a short account of one of his amazing journeys and possibly the one that he has kept most reserved for thirty-four years as of this month! Part of the "response" made mention of the need for iceberg-like submerged content to rise into the warmth of sunlight and melt so that the frozen energy can be freed and circulate once again. The subject matter between the "Thought", the post plus his response corresponded so extensively that it seems virtually miraculous! And why not since he dedicates each day to "all natural expressions of miracles"!

July 3, 2019 -

"Every relationship in your life brings you the opportunity to find a deeper relationship to your own true purpose. This is a sentence to contemplate.

In the modern age, when relationships become very difficult, no matter how hard we may try to save the relationship, many of us can find no other alternative but separation. However, when you really understand the core message of your Venus Sequence, you may reframe the whole purpose of the relationships in your life. We tend to see the purpose of our relationships as a means to bring more happiness into our lives, and this is a worthwhile and very understandable sentiment. However, sometimes we need to go deeper into ourselves to find the diamonds.

We need to consider where happiness comes from, and is it the same as fulfilment? We have seen through the Activation Sequence that our true Purpose is not an external thing. It is a quality of our consciousness. You are invited to look again at the Siddhi of the Gene Key of your Purpose. This is the purpose of your relationships to exponentially enhance that quality in your life. Ironically, it is when relationships become the most challenging that you have the greatest opportunity to transform the Shadow pattern that is preventing this quality from emerging in your life.

If such a beautiful quality is dependent on any outer condition or person, then you cannot yet be deeply rooted in its field of emergence. I hope that this gives you pause for thought. THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMITMENT One of the great questions explored in relationships is the issue of commitment. It is easy to misunderstand the meaning of true commitment in our relationships. Our deepest commitment must always be to our own truth ..."[11]

January 14, 2018 -

When “we are reacting from our needs, our hurts, from our buttons being pushed, or the way that we take care of others and not ourselves … we act from our shadow …”[1]

A wisdom teaching I've deeply appreciated from the Human Design System (especially for Emotionally Defined Individuals) is always wait for your emotional clarity[2] before deciding anything that will impact you and/or others.

The Gene Keys book identifies 64 Shadows. "the secret to every Gene Key in this book lies in harnessing and accepting the energy latent within each of the 64 shadows.”[3]

Acceptance is the first step in the journey of transformation. The sixty-four Shadows consist of sixty-four frequencies of "energy". By identifying and becoming familiar with these frequencies we are able to be aware when the Shadows appear.

"... we are energetic beings, ... the whole world and Universe in which we live in is made up of energy."[4]

We CAN Do This! -

Just got a new acronym CAN/C.A.N. = Conscious-choice Awareness in Nine-centeredness. The Human Design System (The revelation of our present nine-centeredness) speaks of "decision making" and (with love and respect) I wish to upgrade the idea of "decision" to what I feel is a more source-connected level of "choice" - consciously choosing from our own authentic being rather than making decisions just based on what is offered us. Sometimes the circumstances in those kinds of decision-making situations are charged with consequences. Making decisions in those kinds of situations can never be expected to be decisions that are really correct for us. I for one have a lot of experience with this.

Fortunately I survived all those situations and the consequences! The really good news is I have gained priceless wisdom and personal transformation through it all! I created this blog primarily for sharing some of the "education" that I have gained from it all!

"We stand at the threshold of a time of compelling change-a positive major shift is taking place, and that shift is having a dramatic impact on our lives. We are compelled to talk about it and to seek to understand it. It is awakening a new energy force within each of us that is causing dynamic change to occur within the physical body and the human energy system. We are changing to forms of light that are not as we have previously known them, and are becoming more vibrant, more radiant, and more empowered. This new energy force is changing our way of thinking and is illuminating a whole new dimension of our persona. It is creating the need for intense self-exploration and we are being nudged, pushed, and driven to learn more about who we really are. It is fueling the desire to better understand ourselves-its energy is assisting us in seeking to get in touch with our very souls. We are being guided to look beyond the obvious and that which our five senses understand. This new energy force is sensitizing us to the need to develop our thinking while our mental processing remains the same, and the way we perceive our lives is going through a radical change. Consciousness, as we have known it, is expanding."[5]

This "positive major shift" is best understood from the inside out and fortunately there is a most excellent explanation of this in the Gene Keys book.[6]

April 5, 2018 - Transformation Through Gene Keys - "The 51st Way, The Gift of Initiative" -

"It's so important to take some time and lean into our problems, issues, worries, agitations, and create our way out of them, breathe life into them and learn to love them.

The better we get at this, the more we'll relish opportunities for transformation. We'll come to an obstacle in our path and smile. We'll listen to it, appreciate it, and when ready, give ourself to it and unlock its incredible gift."[10]

February 28, 2018 - Comment at "The individual on trial" - by Jon Rappoport[9]

I especially like: "He can develop his mind as a seeking instrument of penetration"!

According to "Human Design" one of the main right functions of the mind is research.[7] Another function is to communicate[8]. Decision-making most always works best with other Human Design centers (according to the unique design of the Individual) however once a decision has been made the mind can perform its functions in support of that decision.



[2] One example regarding emotional clarity is in relationships:





[7] "Based in the anterior and posterior pituitary in the brain, the Ajna is an awareness center ... Its function is to research and to conceptualize.":

[8] “The greatest value of the Mind is its capacity to explore the world, to transmit knowledge as the foundation of human culture and society and to communicate in language.”:
“Human Design System - The Centres” - By Peter Schoeber.








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