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Adrienne Prince Planetary Revelations are here!

Date:   2/22/2018 3:14:04 PM ( 5 y ago)

Leslie wanted to tell me these things today.

“I learned this from Harpo, the eccentric shopkeeper of Harpos Health House by the Sea, in 1976:

A key to success is the same as making a good soup. You start with the best ingredients you have.You put more good things into the pot, and you just keep adding good things. Success in life can be very much like making a good, yummy soup.”

From Dr Jensen
“Put yourself out. Don’t wait until what you wanna put out is perfect.”

When it was showtime and he had a seminar coming up, with people coming from all around the world and a big payday at the end, no matter where he was in the process of writing his new book to sell at the table, he put the book out, regardless of typos. He knew that life was about making mistakes, and making corrections later.”

What are planetary revelations? We each live in a world of dreams, we each have unique genius waitingvto be planted in the right fertile soil. To be in touch with your genius is to be in touch with what is uniquely you, and this asks that we have a team behind us. What we dream in its purest sense can grow into a planetary revelation for thousands more people.


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