Deniers hatch a conspiracy theory by Karlin .....

Canadian oil industry sees a conspiracy in DOGWOOD supporters

Date:   12/7/2018 10:34:04 PM ( 4 y ago)

They have been the ones debunking conspiracy theories, exceot that they believe global warming is a conspiracy of scientists to get grant money.

NOW, some of the Alberta deniers are saying:

  ``American oil people are funding the envitonmental activism group DOGWOOD so as to crush the Canadian oil industry so it won`t be in competition with the American oil industry``

 DOGWOOD writes a lot about global warming, warning us about the continued high level of fossil fuel emissions. Do they favor American oil over Canadian - sort of, in that the TAR SANDS are the dirtiest fuel, which is of course perfectly reasonable. Nonetheless, ALL oil, American or Canadian or whatever, has to stay in the ground - THAT is what DOGWOOD says.

 Weird world eh


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