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We will talk about phototherapy in psychology, which uses the simplest and most common method - photography.

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Many of us are engaged in phototherapy at home and do not even know about it. Until recently, I had no idea about it. Although, some of its methods are used throughout our entire life. So, what is phototherapy, which I'm going to talk about today? This is not Light therapy of the face, skin etc, where the patient is exposed to healing rays of light.

Phototherapy is the treatment of many diseases with photography

Most residents of US countries are not used to address their everyday problems to a psychologist or psychotherapist. We've always had friends for that! We met, talked, cried, laughed, once again looked at your favorite photos, sometimes together prepared some sweets to learn how to cook unfamiliar dishes. But such a meeting always ended in the same way: we rested, in a good mood, healed with soul and body went to our homes, carefully carrying away the warmth of our communication. And it turns out: we conducted phototherapy sessions at home or in the homes of our friends.

Time has changed. And today we do not go to visit so often, do not communicate so warmly, do not heal each other. Direct communication we replaced with the Internet, coffee or tea, we drink with friends only virtually and receive the real help only when it is too late. It's time for depression, from which every 10th urban citizen suffers. Treating depression has become very difficult since it requires multi-professional help (psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists) much knowledge, skills, time and material resources.

An effective method of photo treatment is used by psychologists

Only by now I've realized that phototherapy is at the junction of several, if I may say so, professions: photographer, psychologist, actor, skilled head of training. The ideal option is to combine all these professions in one person. But this is extremely challenging. It would be better if the photographer knew the basics of psychology, and the psychologist is well versed in photography, which is also not common.

In General, although phototherapy has been actively used and discussed officially since the 70s, it still causes a storm of emotions in the scientific world considering its effectiveness.

Although all new ideas are always perceived with hostility.

Among the most familiar methods of phototherapy are distinguished:

Photos are healers of our souls

Many of us may have noticed that when we look at a beautiful photo, we start smiling or become thoughtful, a lot of different memories fill our mind. Moreover, these photos can be of any subject it all depends on the nature of the person, his psychological state at the particular moment.

Among the most common images that may help to restore peace of mind, can be called:

Will finish my post so

The most simple and affordable methods of phototherapy are the use of ready-made pictures or ordered from professionals, the creation of independent unique author's works, photo books, collections of different images (portraits of celebrities, photos of beautiful cars, pictures of attractions, interesting natural phenomena) from magazines or the Internet.


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