Which way are we going? by kerminator .....

Our time and talents are so often wasted by those who are supposed to be directing the interest of the people in the right direction!

Date:   3/13/2019 2:43:52 AM ( 22 mon ago)

Most politicians hate the real facts. They like to play with the truth and make laws to suit their system of control. That way they keep the general public in a turmoil and have them seeking more laws for protection. Once you forget that Almighty God made humans with the power to decide what is best for themselves - but the "Controllers" only want domination by having everyone in fear and confusion! That way the lib-socialist have total control! Everyone else are just mere vassals or slaves or pawns to the state!

Read history! hen you have a chance of understanding the truth! Otherwise, you are at the mercy of the controllers {BTW they shwo little mercy or real care for the common people or peons!


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