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** our experiences are a results of our choices, not our environments. Environment is a factor, but our choice is the deciding factor. **

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Christian Survival Kit: Chapter 1 - part 4

A Lot of Knowledge Can Be a Dangerous Thing

You can take all I'm ministering in John 14, 15, and 16, you can learn about faith, you can learn about confession, you can learn everything the Bible says. Yet, in your heart, if you've taken offense, if you've been hurt, if you submit to feelings of depression or discouragement, you'll wipe out everything good. Nothing is going to work.

That's why some people can take all the steps people outline for them, memorize them and carry them out, but if their hearts are discouraged to begin with, it won't work. They never were standing in faith.

Again, the first thing you have to do is grab a hold of your emotions and say, "In the name of the Lord, this thing is not going to get me." You have the ability to do that. The Bible says that He set before you a choice. He even tells you which choice to make. So, obviously, we have the ability to choose. It's a lie that you cannot control your emotions.

Our generation has been saying that you can't pen up feelings and emotions, you need to vent these things and let them out. This psychology has had a greater impact on the church than most of us realize. I agree that you aren't supposed to bury things and let them fester. But you are supposed to get delivered of them, reject them, and resist them. Giving vent to emotions that are contrary to what God tells you is not a positive thing. It's a negative thing that allows Satan to have freedom in your life.

As a Man (person) Thinks...

Proverbs 23:7 says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Are you depressed? You've been thinking about things that depress you.

Are you sick? You've thought about things that make you sick.

Are you discouraged? You've been thinking about things that are discouraging.

You may not have said, "Well, I want to be sick." But your thinking is sick, and that's the reason you are sick. You may not have said "I want to be poor," but your thinking is poor, and that's the reason you're poor. You may not have said "I want to be depressed," but you're thinking on depressing things, and that's the reason you're depressed.

{Do not accept the lies of the world and the Devil - it is your choice - If people would just get hold of this then the world would be a Blessed Place!}

We are 100 percent what we have chosen to be. Many do not fully understand this fact!

It is vital that we understand this. You cannot say that a person is 100 percent a product of their environment because I can show you people whose parents were alcoholics or drug addicts or child abusers, and they chose to go the other direction and live victorious lives. As a matter of fact, some of them say, "Whatever happens, I'll never be what I've seen." And they do it.

***{This was a choice in the Blogger's life! Since his father went the way of the world - yet he did not choose to follow and his existence was entirely different! You too, can choose to do this if you do not follow the popular and trending things of the world! I know! - by Blogger}

Therefore, our experiences are a results of our choices, not our environments. Environment is a factor, but our choice is the deciding factor.

Unbelief, fear, and panic are choices. Wrong choices. There may be many reasons we have been taught to respond that way, but ultimately, the decision is ours.

** Choose you this day which way you choose to follow and go!



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