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When are you going to learn?

Date:   8/1/2020 3:31:32 PM ( 86 d ago)

Blog: My Unusual Road of Life....
by kerminator
One more time - just maybe you missed this!

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Date: 8/1/2020...

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Blog: My Unusual Road of Life...
by kerminator

God gives us both choice and chance

God gives each of us the amazing True Factaly of free choice! Learn how to be led in the right direction!

Date: 7/30/2020
Problems - problems!

How to resolve things!

It is not the complication that causes the problem, it is either the lack of knowledge or the lack of being able to systematically survey the situation to be able to get at a resolution or answer! BTW: Not all problems can be addressed and /or answered or resolved in a simple yes/no manner!
This is where you must make several different attempts to resolve the problem in a systematic way - realizing that there are situations where some of the factors may well be outside of your ability or expectation to solve!

*** This is where your God-Given Intelligence comes in to be able to sense when and where your resources begin and end! May you come to realize the time and place! Amen!

Many people get lost in the prereferral things of their life! They have not learned to segregate the useless things of the world from the keys to Eternity in their existence! Why?

Mainly because of their becoming seld-centered and allowing greed to infest their thoughts!

If you do not see this just look at what people do in their lives! It is a case of both stupidy and gross disregard for the pure and Blessed things in life!

Life requires both learning and then proper application of the knowledge which you have at your disposal! One of the biggest dangers in living a positive dedicated life is slackness and being distracted by the mainly useless things in life!

Education has become a greater challenge in recent years with the plethora of information available today! Mass media has forced a great expanse of unnecessary knowledge upon the people which adds more confusion and doubt!

What is needed in most situations is taking time to selectively analyze the information coming into your life! Because it is only thru thought-provoking ideas and summaries that you can hopefully control your future!

Pray, then carefully select who, what and where you allow yourself to be led!


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