Why do people lie, cheat and steal by kerminator .....

People are mainly self-centered; seeking how to gain more privileges and/or ways to get more money! Plus control people!

Date:   8/2/2020 10:05:24 PM ( 85 d ago)

The summer of 2020 in the USA:

With the heated political situation, pandemic and then with the loss of jobs, anarchist has stepped up their drive to destabilize the nation!

The sadness of this is such massive lawlessness and restrictive and total disregard for Law and proper order leads to riots and mass destruction!

So this is where everyone loses!

Just explain what will happen, when many of the businesses and stores shut down because of, Riots, damage, the lack of supplies and or most likely the lack of workers?

Do any of you stupid nonthinking thieving ignorant-hoodlums ever stop to realize that when the supply chain is broken by lawlessness? Things will not just magically appear - even the internet can not make that happen!

Get off the streets and stop your rants and rage! Because the nation will grind to a halt and many enemy nations of the world will swoop in and take over!

Believe me, they will shoot rioters, put most in prison or forced work camps. Just Look at what happened in WWII in much of the world!

This is the facts and economics fools! These are some real developing events - it is not some on line game!


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