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Truth is not fear-causing

Date:   8/23/2020 4:16:38 PM ( 5 mon ago)

A post by: Larissa Voronova ·

Exactly what is the purpose ?
There is none. the point :)) is Maladaptive Inconvenience to see the recovery, restoration in itself.

Trauma wound, drama, control addiction , fear, destructive behavior (deficient not self) ... only because some ‘stagnated conduits’ don’t want to self correct to the law of One, they rebel against the natural state of being - which is disconnectedness, conscientiousness (realization through cause effect), harmony, abundance, love.

Splinters, false thought constructs falsely affirmed through social conditioning cause illusion - mal-adaptive thinking system, muddy waters, dense mind patterns that block the flow of gnosis.

Those that have worked so hard to integrate, alchemize, release all that is false self deficient image , know truth. Our discernment causes the illusion to dissolve.
Natural Order, actuality is exact as the elements are exact.
Water is always water - it communicates.
Fire is always fire - it purifies.
Air is the breath of Creator. Earth is our physicality.
We steward these elements in our bodies and when we are in harmony we co-create harmony in others around us and our environment. In this way, we co-create our immediate reality that is part of collective planetary.

By affirming truth, we manifest only Creator's will, ethical and moral excellence. The looping ‘search for more’ ceases to exist.

We cannot be outside of creation or Universal Laws.

The illusion of separation is duality. What is real cannot be threatened and what is unreal cannot exist.

Truth is not fear-causing. Truth is vital. Truth is our protection.

** Turiya is our fourth state of conciseness, or our true state, eternal, in full gnosis, aligned with Universal Law and Natural Order.


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