Who R U Really? Only time will tell. by kerminator .....

Having seen more, read more and experienced more than most people today - just maybe you might want to read what been done!

Date:   8/30/2020 1:51:10 AM ( 5 mon ago)

Who did you actually help today?
For most people the answer is not many if any! Why?
It goes back to people are so hung up on themselves - that they can not get beyond that personal stance!
EX. Just look at many of the FB sites and you will note a vast # of pics or face time details!

If I were to give you a dollar for everyone you have helped in your lifetime = what number would that number be?
For many it would be zero, or even if the person has lived 50 years - it could be 2 or 3! WOW! Why?
Same story - most people can't be bothered since they are out doing whatever and not very interested in others!

Now just stop and evaluate your life so far! Most people do not have much interest in what they have done - because it does not measure up to the stuff they think they want or need. The case is that they are locked into a dull and boring life of " Give me " and being too doped up on distracting elements in life!

It sad that people allow themselves to be roped into a false life of getting and pleasure seeking!
This is just an endless road to no where! But most people do not seem to understand this simple fact! Plus they have been captured by the forces of Evil in the world! None of which will lead to anywhere but to death and hell!

If you find yourself in this disappointing position in your life then - when are you starting to seek the Truth in the Kingdom of God!
It is entirely up to you!

I learned this many years ago! Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and the other things will be made know to you!! Matt 6:33


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