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If Riots, lies and killing were so beneficial - then why are there so many souls lost in their sorrow and wishing they had never entered such destruction!

Date:   9/3/2020 2:02:33 AM ( 4 mon ago)

When do you get all of whatever you are seeking?
Never is the only true answer!

Then why is there so much Greed and lies?

Most people are so involved in whatever they are into that they seldom stop to realize this fact!

Be honest - because this not about you getting Bozo points, or winning some big lottery, rather it is the rhythm of you earthly life!

It comes down to where you are really going and / or the reason or purpose!
Can you answer this question?
No most are lost or distracted to the point that their life is a long list of failures and defeats!

Really - how can this happen? well if you are like the fools following most of the who ever or what ever that comes down the pike; then you do not know.

There is a better way to live out you destiny! But it is not following a bunch of fools who are just looking for more! The question is more WHAT?

If this makes you think about it - then you are on the way to seeking a better life or eternal existence!

We need the Lord God in our life if we are going to learn and improve!

You task is to start following many of the Critical Thinking posts on:
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