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This has been a difficult month, and emotionally I have been "up and down", yet I continue to Vision

Date:   9/28/2020 10:23:08 PM ( 9 mon ago)
Collage by LFIRE(c)2020
Here is another collage from my HUGE book of (more or less) 100 collages

I can't believe how depressed I have been.
During all the mess this year,
I have been able to maintain a positive attitude.
But now I have been really depressed.
Don't want to go anywhere, or do anything.
Don't feel like talking to anyone.

Then, as I was working my studies that
I have been doing for over a year,
I found more and more that interested me.
I became excited about what I was reading,
and I began to feel better.
I began to imagine that all this knowledge and
information hopefully would be able to help people.
My vision as an Energy Healer seems far into the future.
Naturally, all my crazy doubts have crept in.
Doubts I know enough,
do I really have the ability I think I do,
would people care?
Then I wonder if the vision I have
that people would think my ideas about healing
(healing the incurables) would seem so crazy
that I shouldn't even try to make it come true.
Yet I seem to eternally be drawn to working on this aspect.

Then there is the VISION
of a different type of ART lurking around.
Some kind of combination of assemblage,
collage, sculpture, photos, and what else??
Don't know!
I play around with various ideas in my mind,
and wonder if any of them will actually work.
I think of the artist who came up with the idea he called "Combines",
a combination of painting and sculptures.
I want to push it further...
a multitude of methods and ideas all rolled into one.
I keep thinking about it.
Yet, it is just a phantom hiding around the corner.
Don't know if it will turn into anything.
Whatever it is, I am captured by it.

It is interesting to have these two very different aspects
(of myself) so predominant in everything I do!

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