Upload Image Problems--FIXED! by Mayah .....

Dear Curezoners, Never mind this message, it's fixed now! Thank you WEBMASTER for all of your help!

Date:   11/7/2020 6:53:08 AM ( 18 mon ago)

The Webmaster has fixed the problem and curezoners can now upload images onto the site. I'm leaving this up so folks can be notified image uploads are working again! THANK YOU Webmaster!

Dear Webmaster:

Several of us are having problems uploading images to curezone. I get this message when trying to upload a photo from my computer onto my image gallery:

ADODB.Stream error '800a0bbc'

Write to file failed.

/ig/freeaspupload.asp, line 296

This has happened in the past; I assume it is a systemic problem. We have posted it on the Webmaster Support and Suggestion forum: https://www.curezone.org/forums/f.asp?f=704&c=0

Thank you for letting us know when this difficulty might be fixed.




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