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Poltergeist is gone for now

Date:   2/16/2021 12:16:02 AM ( 88 d ago)

Get rid of poltergeist activity with cleaning up your spiritual house. 99% of poltergeist activity is originating from yourself.

I stopped practicing my spirit fighting chi gong, yoga,etc. at night because I was coming home later and more tired. Big mistake.

I made it my business to sit or twenty minutes to meditate using the HUUL breath and consistently doing the 5 elements breathing a.k.a. the six healing sounds of Mantak Chia.

Also continuing to do ormus...no more poltergeist activity. However, I do have my dirty, filthy dining room that continues to be the most challenging room to keep clean. Also a colder room in the house even with good, brand new windows. A lady committed suicide in the home, poor thing she had GERD and the pain was too great. This was before the discovery of H.pylori and PPIs.

Anyway, I think there was a spiritual download about the film The Shining...being locked up in a house over winter can make you go nutty LOL...which is why continuing lockdowns is a mistake but that's another blog post.

More to continue...


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