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Thank God we are more than just flesh!

Date:   2/16/2021 7:30:42 PM ( 88 d ago)

Many of us are very lazy and idle in our life! We will take the easy way and just skip thru the requirements in life. Idleness makes for a dull personal existence. This is where we often go astray and resort to either crime, and often sinful activities. It is just human nature {the weakness of will power}- yet there is a much better way given us - The Holy Scriptures.

This is where we will lose many readers - but just remember that all things in your life were based upon having a free knowledge base and Will to do whatever you want.

It is sad that so many allow the circumstances to dictate their lives and choices! You have the God given capacity to rise above the circumstances in your life!

Step out and become the person you always wanted to be - not a simple human slave of circumstances in your life!
History is full of slaves but not just those who were captured and exploited. This was about people enslaving themselves due to their circumstances!

Many humans become slaves unto themselves - due to poor choices and living lax, lazy lives. So start keeping up with your circumstances in order to not be a victim slave. Don't be a slave to your own circumstances!


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