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The Food Cure thoughts

Date:   2/19/2021 2:19:20 PM ( 23 mon ago)

I rented the film The Food Cure. I do not have cancer. I did a modified version for my mom to get ready for surgery to remove her cancer. They loved it at Memorial Sloan Kettering. And she was allergic to the chemo and since she said she wasn't going to do any chemo she just continued to eat healthy. She remains in remission.

While I do not have cancer, I have a fibroid and a cyst. I shrank my cyst a bit with low carb. The fibroid is still there and probably will remain till I deal with all my emotional businesses!

It is Lent and beef on Sunday, fish and chicken if I get desperate lol. More green juice using powders and such because it is Winter here and nothing is fresh. Less coffee...:gasp: more teas.

I have more to report on my plan but I need to do my morning routine!


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