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Gerson chat and cutting coffee intake (down to one cafe' and one cafe' americano, a small coffee mug)

Date:   2/23/2021 3:59:21 PM ( 80 d ago)

I registered for the Gerson Home Therapy course. I am learning a lot of interesting things. Some of them are scientifically out there, and questionable. I like to have some studies and not just take people's words especially when dealing with health issues. Then there is the cost issues but I have a good job, and don't mind spending money on juice powder etc. I have a Breville juicer, 15yrs old! and also a champion juicer and a kitchen aide blender. No excuses though, I will use what I have.

I live in a mountainous area with actual seasons. I use organic juice powders because fruits and vegetables aren't in season. I am using good frozen vegetables from the store. My body benefits from these and I do okay. I use organic lemon juice in a glass jar.

Soon as the snow melts I will be outside planning a gigantic garden for eating, and canning.

The biggest change is switching from coffee to tea, and cutting down coffee intake. Nursing schoool and nursing profession made me a coffee addict lol...especially when I was in home health and started hating my job, driving around.

It is the second day of cutting down my coffee intake. I'm feeling the withdrawl already lol...had a half regular cafe' (espresso). Just had a healthy breakfast before my workout. I will have tea now, and that will suffice and I won't be nutty and argumentative with my husband. :-)

I want to be down to zero cups of coffee by the time my period comes down.


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