The Difficult Part About Learning Hard Things - 3 by kerminator .....

Why do people tend to seek the easy way to get answers to move ahead? When many problems often require much time and effort for resolution?

Date:   4/13/2021 4:14:38 PM ( 67 d ago)

Most people are somewhat lazy in their efforts to gain information or attempt to complete new tasks!

Your Life here is developed upon the current situations that you live in and then based upon the choices you make based upon these concurrent circumstances!

One thing I hear and see with many of the younger generations is that they claim to bored! Yet if this is true then looking back on all the many things that occurred in my life why was I not bored also? Being Bored translates into laziness, because while I and many others have seen and done thousands of difficult things! Compared to what the bored state appears to be the younger generations is not really seeking the whole truth!

At this point realize that many of these, get by younger people seem adrift in a vast sea of knowledge! The key is to seek to study and learn what is necessary for your best future! The internet and computers will not save you!

Of course, I am aware that many of the disenfranchised youth will say, oh he is just a fuddy-duddy! Well if that is so then how is it that so many of these lost people, are driven into such wild ways of learning about nothing of concourse!!

More in later posts where you can learn to be more versatile and accomplish more with less effort! Stop back and find out how to do some of the impossible and difficult things in your life!


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