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it is necessary to select trouble-free and accurate hunting weapons without regretting them later.

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Any professional knows that getting a perfect gun that will not give up at the crucial moment is not so simple. Therefore, it is necessary to select trouble-free and accurate hunting weapons without regretting them later. Ideally, each hunter must have several types of weapons of various calibers but afford such an expensive purchase may not all. In this case, it is essential to choose a versatile option that perfectly shows itself in hunting any animal.

Hunting – rest with passion


Not all the hunters, especially beginners, apply to the selected business seriously; for many, it is just a way to have a good time. In this case, it is not necessary to lay out money for an expensive hunting weapon, purchase a semi-automatic by type IL-81 or “Saiga-410K”.Those who hope to become proficient hunters eventually can not do without a good gun.


As a rule, preference is given to gladkostvolkam designed to fire shot, buckshot, and other special bullets on the middle distance. You can look and rifles, but it is only suitable for people with solid experience, so novices will have to forget them. 


Also, hunters often purchase guns with reclining barrels, the so-called “perelomki.” But even given the fact that their design does not provide a mechanism for the issuance of a new cartridge in the barrel, the replacement cartridges are still very fast, and care does not take much effort.


Different models of rifles may have from one to four barrels. The real queen of hunting guns is considered to be a shotgun. Its stems can be attached in a vertical and horizontal plane – which option you choose depends on your personal preference. Still, experienced arrows point out that much of a difference between them.


Seasonality and the type of game as the selection criteria


Finding your ideal gun is not easy. Before selecting the appropriate option on the site e-shop “Okhotny Ryad, “you need to decide which season you will hunt and which season. 


It is also essential to know the weight of your body and take into account the strength and development of hand muscles and overall physical fitness. Only concerning each of these indicators can a good pick up a gun.

For example, if you have to shoot geese or ducks, the weapon must have a different high accuracy of hits and many pellets in the projectile – so you can hit the game at the maximum distance. Geese and ducks – careful, coming close to them is unlikely, therefore, often have to make shots from a distance of 45-50 meters. For such a case should give preference to Arms 12 gauge, the best heavy, which can withstand the maximum allowable charges. 


It cannot be sent to the mountain animals without a double-barreled 20-gauge; if your goal – to small fur animals, take a 28th or 32nd caliber. But the wild boar or deer is better to go with a weapon of the 12th or 16th caliber.


Pick up the gun must also depend on the marksmanship hunter. Beginners should refrain from buying too many heavy hitter guns – they are likely to miss. In addition, the weapon must be handy; that is, it must conform to your anthropometry and have a streamlined balance. Identify “your” Does this gun is straightforward – take it in hand and skin the level of the intended target several times. If the line of sight does not change, then the weapon is right for you.


Two successful hunting rules


But only one good buying guns is not enough to become a good hunter—anyone who thinks it is long and vain to walk even the richest of game sites. Hunting will be successful only after you perfectly understand all the habits and the habits of animals, learn about their habitats and master various tracking methods.


As much as we might wish to get everything at once, we will have to accept that the hunting of animals terminated effective shots only after long hours of surveillance and ambushes. Hunting – a sport in which you are competing for endurance and ingenuity, not only with other hunters but also with animals.


The first rule of a successful hunter never looked forward to good luck; he actively looked for their prey. Yes, you can sit in an ambush for a few hours, but then it is essential to begin to choose the right place; otherwise, wait until the will run past the beast, we can until the end of the century.


The second rule of successful hunting: one sure shot. Wild animals are very cautious, and be prepared because you will not have a second chance to hit the target. Missed? 


The track will have to start anew. In this case, the most important thing – the training and experience. But the real hunt – is not only the production; it is also an indescribable feeling of excitement that I want to experience again and again.


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