What is the one thing you should want in this life? by kerminator .....

Our life is conditional based upon what we know and how we use this information! How well have you done?

Date:   5/27/2021 3:06:46 AM ( 7 mon ago)

Our existence is based upon the crimson thread of blood we all share. Yet most people take this for granted and just waltz off into the night as is if there is no consequence!

Mais oui, mon ami!

It is all liked to the fact that we actually come to the place where we come to realize that our life is not our own! Because you have a spirit that is the seat of our existence and life while we live in this earthly body!

Just stop and think or reason how you came into being?
Well, we all know how the sexual process began this resulting life form! The question is not your physical body - rather it is your eternal spirit-body relationship!

Most people are ignorant of such things! Stop back as we travel this way to help you become a believer in the true reason you are here!



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