Beirut once was a guilded kingdom. by kerminator .....

Having spent sometime there, plus knowing the French - flavor when it was the Paris of the Mid east; it now has a mixed message!

Date:   5/30/2021 7:57:17 PM ( 5 mon ago)

Beirut, Lebanon was perhaps the best city in the Mideast up until about 50 years ago. But like so many places where free types governments have existed the Socialist-Despotic controllers types have taken over!

When you start to look at world history, one thing should become a plain fact. Some of the more recent have been: Caracas, Venezuela: Havana, Cuba: Phenom Penn, Cambodia: plus Hong Kong, China: plus some others in many parts of the world today! These names show how evil and lack of freedom come to dominate!

** Just to understand that there are many dominated countries in this world! Everything is not just fun and games, folks! I have been a personal eye wittiness!

Why in the world would all these countries become dominated and controlled? The key word would be Greed, and an anti God world view!

** Plus while there I got a good Camel Saddle to use as a foot stool, plus Arab Wall hanging!
If you want to know more about this Blog read more on {My Unusual road of Life, by Kerminator} with several million super informative posts. Knowledge must be acquired and studied in order to learn what is really happening in life - not like so much of the B.S. on the internet!

See y'all later-if and when you really want to know the truth as to what has been happening in the world!

Knowledge does not just come in on your Laptop = rather it has to be found and scrutinized!

Good luck to you!


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