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Date:   5/31/2021 3:40:39 AM ( 12 mon ago)

What an interesting time.

It seems that I now I am doing guidance for the 3D world
as well as specific people.
The 3D world has been a strange thing that I seem to check in to see what is going on.
It is amazing how little I think about it.
I am surprised at how many people are in fear.
I'm especially surprised at "spiritual" people talking about being in fear.
I've been spending a lot of time doing spiritual work for
a special person/situation, someone near and dear to my heart.

I started the tarot class; it has been interesting.
In doing art for the tarot class, I've bought several tarot decks.
I ended up really liking a couple of deck authors so much,
I ended up buying several of their decks.

The Aztec calendar says that May 26 is the end of the LONG YEAR.
The cycle of 26,000+ years ends and a new cycle starts.
Considering that now we have mercury in retrograde and some other ominous conjunctions,
it is a bumpy start for the new cycle.

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