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"Creme de la creme" returns!

Date:   6/5/2021 1:43:43 AM ( 3 mon ago)

4th -

Just a note in case anyone wondered what happened to April and May posts.

Computer tech is not my forte and consequently I lost immediate access to CureZone during the past two months. Often had items I wished I could have posted here and at the other dozen or so Blogs I have here however it just was not possible under the circumstances. Then yesterday I came across my password and realized I could use a different browser on the temporary computer I'm accessing (briefly - mainly to keep up with emails). A couple more important articles on the Covid madness inspired me to post at LinkedIn and it had to be as an article because of limitations there as well. It all underscores the truth of the writer in me! It also allowed me to journal more and tend to other things (like grounds-keeping) that was needful over the last two months.

18th -

Added: "Got Happiness?"

To: Blog: My Enchanted Garden Onion

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