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Date:   6/6/2021 11:29:21 PM ( 4 mon ago)

Blog: Forgotten Words!
by kerminator

Do you really know, Who you really Are?

** Learning to understand your real self is often complicated and nerve racking! When are you going to start?

Date: 9/27/2020
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Many people tend exist in a realm of ignorance - because they do not understand who they actually were!

This is why, so many people follow popular trends and fads to try to be in sync! They want to be part of some important things to feel connected and whole! The problem comes because we are and were meant to be single individual people! The fads are simply easy ways to not have to think or decide! Just follow the Pied Pipers!

If you would start developing your Cognizant Abilities you will be surprised, how this is the way to truth and righteousness!

The unfortunate fact is many people are simply lost when it comes to learning how to improve their lives. They spend much their time wasted on foolish things {too much @ Sports, Games, Gossip, Dead-end Videos and Movies about flashy going nowhere things!}.

Don't believe me, just check this out yourself!

Seek the real Truth in the Holy Scriptures of the Bible!
Once you come to understand that seeking the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness then all the other things in your-life tend to follow!

Why chase an elusive dream or thing when there is so much real-life truth here to guide you!


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