NOW AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC! COVID-19 Myths Webinar by luckman .....

You can either embrace the truth that no such thing as a contagious virus exists, with all its mind-boggling implications, or you can be like Mike Adams, Del Bigtree, and so many others stubbornly clinging to a scientific fiction.

Date:   6/8/2021 3:16:59 PM ( 3 mon ago)


NOW AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC! Hard-hitting COVID-19 Myths Webinar with Drs. Andrew Kaufman & Tom Cowan

Sol Luckman

As you’re about to learn, should you be willing to digest the inconvenient truths presented below, germ theory is no longer unproven; it has now been irrefutably, scientifically disproved.

Moving forward, anyone spreading the false narrative that a contagious virus called SARS-CoV-2 occurred naturally or was created in a Wuhan lab is guilty of perpetuating humanity’s enslavement to a scientific absurdity.



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