Some people just do not really want the whole truth by kerminator .....

I have wrtten millions of blogs , written in various of languages; yet for the most part people just do nt really care for facts and truth so much!

Date:   6/18/2021 2:38:55 AM ( 3 mon ago)

Your actual existence is based upon what you said, or do; not on what is popular or trending!


Most people tend to follow rather than spend much time attempting to find the real story of events. Your life is and will be based upon how and why you did whatever you did! Not on whatever anyone else accomplished or did! That is a hard cold fact of truth!

Your reason for existence here in this human body is to learn how to become a real friend and love and help those who were placed upon your pathway! This is contrary to exactly what most people do in their lives. They just look out for whatever is popular, cool, trending, fun, or else has become an attention gutter!

When you learn how to take time to love and help others in your earthly existence; you will be Blessed! Good intentions never go unnoticed.

Check it out!

Faith in the truth and prayer are keys to the success of your existence in Eternity!
** Seek then you can find absolution in your life!


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