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Some of the things that I have personally wittiness-ed or seen witnessed in my life! Include: some as such Military Funerals over the years - Since remembering this after viewing one tonight on TV1 - Gave me a moment of reflection and a recall of a clear thought as to what exactly was many things are about. How did it become the event fit into my life? And Who said or set what are the implications?

Date:   10/13/2021 3:06:10 AM ( 3 mon ago)

We see, know, and often observe events in life that stand out in the top rank order. Many are just passing events, yet there are some which should catch our whole attention and/or are driven deep into our minds.


Mainly because most of these major events represent the intensity of our life in passing thru this earthly existence! The one thing that each of us must learn to realize in this life is that we should come to either use properly is to seek our Eternal perspective of human life!

What is important in your life? For some, it is just the simple things while others have known of and experienced many different and difficult events! This is not just calling attention to our lives - rather it is attempting to place importance and grandeur on our possible Eternal Future!
So where do we begin?

It all begins in our soul or spirit! This is why there are guiding commandments and actual Eternal laws which are there to guide us!
One of the key principles of eternity is that Agape Love never fails; no matter who, what, where, or when it exists!

More as we examine this universal and eternal principle!
Expansion upon this key knowledge is available to guide and help direct your pathway in this mortal existence!

** Stop back as we dwell into this and many such lifetime events - Soon! See ya then!


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