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** Much of the things in the world are not really based upon achieving good order, developing talents which can help in the future! We all seem to mirgeat and wonder from one plane of existence to another with no real life purpose. How do you come to learn to see and understand the necessary principles in your life?

Date:   11/22/2021 6:37:41 PM ( 6 mon ago)

Each of us have only one earthly existence and time with which to learn, developed and properly use our talents!

Experience has shown me that unless you become aware of or have been trained in how to seek the best future in your existence - you will become just another statistic on the road of human existence!

Who wants to have lived and then upon leaving this earthly existence, find that you had wasted most if not all your efforts?

Time is a precise commodity and can only be used going forward! Learn how to best use it from now on to better your Eternal Existence!

Having seen and read of many scenarios in this life; it is far better to find the best path and enrich and honor you earthly experience!

Many of the younger people today reply that they are Bored!
To which I respond Bored?

With all the millions of things in this earthly life how can you honestly be Bored?
There is far too much to do - I have not found a way to achieve and or use all the opportunities in life!

Pure Laziness is where many find themselves today!

Seek you place, first by not following much of the crap and B.S. in the world today!
Then Stop, Look and Listen then you shall learn how to benefit from what life can teach you!

This is not some get rich quick rich or a program to make you the best human whoever lived! It is learning to pat attention and then apply the information to better your life and help others!

This is a wake up call to all you Zombies in the world today! But it is your choice - learn to use it for your betterment!!


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