If you don't know what you are doing - Don't do it! by kerminator .....

People tend to seek and follow, may of the hot tech topics today! This is benefitiual if and when you approach it as an orderly study! But so many today seem hung up on the latest technology and now with all {the on line stuff} - can get lost and/or confused! So learn how to check and verify your data!

Date:   3/8/2022 2:39:55 AM ( 10 mon ago)

With all the vast amount of information out in the world, you must be able learn how to emasculate and properly use it!

Much of the Data and so called news is just a "Sales Game" to make some people richer! If this is news to you then I would recommend that you slow down and get only the Real Truth!

If you do not even understand what I am saying - then you need to stop and get caught up with the Truth! It is out there but often camouflaged as some type of crap! Useless!

One place you can start is to go back and read some of the blogs by intelligent people like myself and many others! Many of the Blogs on My unusual road of life by yours truly!

I attempt to cover true, and interesting accounts which can help to give you a broad base of truth!

There are many very good blogs and posts out there to give you the best News!


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