Why some fall apart? Resilience makes all the difference! by kerminator .....

Element Stress or else, it will swallow you!

Date:   3/27/2022 2:15:13 AM ( 8 mon ago)

Peace I bring you; My own peace, I now give you! Do not let your hearts be ruled , neither let them become afraid.
John 14:27

Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated, described and do not permit your selves to be fearful and intimidated or cowardly and unsettled!

Learn to live the positive truth in your life!

Because only the Truth will exist once past this earthly life and time frame!

Choose this day whom you will follow and why?

Many people have never really stopped and thought about allowing the Whole Truth in their life!

The answer is in your power and should be one of the first things that happen in your life! Learn to change for the best reasons - it is your life!!


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