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Where to find a web designer

Date:   6/28/2022 9:37:12 AM ( 8 mon ago)

Where to find a web designer?
To begin with, we will determine that you have some kind of working business, you intend to develop and improve it qualitatively. You understand that a business requires certain investments. For this, the site must return the investment and make a profit. We are interested in a reasonable justified amount - not cheap, but not space either.

The second important point is that we are looking for a private web designer, not a studio.

Let's go through where to find such a web designer. There are many options: by acquaintance, on freelance exchanges, on specialized sites, in search results.

By acquaintance
The most affordable option if you are among businessmen, or your friend has a web designer as a friend. You can get a lot of subjective emotional information. But on the other hand, to see the finished work and find out how the person behaved in the process.

On freelance exchanges
In my opinion the most "wild" option. I started with the first TOP ten on the website of the most famous exchange. But as soon as paid placements began, the issuance deteriorated sharply. It’s a mystery to me how you can choose from several dozen (sometimes even more than 100) applications of the right specialist.

Even if you write the requirements as accurately as possible, there will still be the vast majority of auto-responses and many newcomers.

Plus - the prices are immediately announced.

The only, perhaps, exception is the Freelance exchange from HabrHabr. There are not so many people there yet and the percentage of quality performers is high. Not cheap, of course.

On specialized sites
The most popular site at the moment is Behance. In the search, you can score “website design” and quietly spend a couple of hours in the gallery. After choosing the works you like, you can contact the performers.

Minus - prices are not even approximately clear in advance.

For myself, I recently opened another site - Toaster from the same HabrHabr. Toaster is a question and answer service. There is a breakdown by topic. You can go to read questions, see answers and profiles of specialists.

I see no reason to consider Dribbble - it's still an English-language resource. Yes, and the work there is often placed out of touch with reality.

In search results
The method is not the easiest, but this way you can find the most high-quality specialists. Why? Because not every newbie will bother with hosting, domain, content and a competent portfolio.

Plus, on the site you can determine how much a specialist loves his job. A text about yourself, transparent working conditions, blog articles - all this requires effort and attention. For a one-day man, this is too difficult.

Also, on this topic, I advise you to read this article https://fireart.studio/blog/how-to-find-a-website-designer-for-your-project/

That's all for now with places. Write your thoughts in the comments, if anything - I will supplement the article.


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