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Find an Android developer. Appraisal and hiring

Date:   8/1/2022 2:10:21 AM ( 4 mon ago)

Like hiring any other IT professional, hiring Android developers is a long and complicated process. With very few experts available in the local market, a limited project budget, and the need to scale here and now, this seems like a "mission impossible".

And if you've already started development and need to add a person to the team in the middle of a project, things can get even more confusing. And if you don't want to bother, and want help finding Android developers, then click here.

Android Developer Skills (Assessed)

Perhaps you are looking for someone to set up the little things or manage the entire development process. Depending on your needs, you can hire Android developers with different skill levels - junior, intermediate or senior.

Hiring an Android developer. An example of a job description for an Android developer

Writing a decent job description and posting it in places where potential candidates will actually see it is the first step to hiring Android developers. Here is a simple example of what it should look like.


Here at [your company name], we are looking for [Junior/Intermediate/Senior] Android Developers who can be a valuable addition to our team. You will join our engineers in designing and building first-class mobile apps and working closely with other app developers and technical teams.

Who are you:

 - You have very strong communication skills in English, both written and spoken.

 - You have [at least 2/3+/5+] years of Android development experience.

 - You are well versed in Java.

 - You have experience with [Android SDK / remote data via REST and JSON / third party libraries and API].

 - You are [interested/expert] in mobile landscape, architecture, trends and new technologies.

 - You have a good understanding of the full life cycle of mobile development.

 - Great team player and problem solver.

 - A highly motivated individual with a passion for building scalable and efficient applications.

What are you going to do:

 - Design and build applications for the Android platform.

 - Collaborate with cross-functional teams.

 - Work with external data sources and API.

 - Unit testing code and work on fixing bugs and improving application performance.

 - Constantly work with new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

Interview Questions to Ask an Android Developer

Soon you will start receiving applications. The next step is to select the most qualified candidates and put them through several rounds of interviews: a hard skills interview to test their technical knowledge and a soft skills interview to see how good they are at problem solving, communication and other important aspects. team work.

Skills Interview Questions

 - What are the advantages of the Android operating system?

 - Could you briefly explain the Android architecture/Android platform?

 - What components are needed for a new Android project?

 - Could you briefly explain what "Events" / "Services" are?

 - Please explain the lifecycle of an activity.

 - What are implicit and explicit intentions?

 - What tools are used for debugging on the Android platform?

 - How do you troubleshoot frequent Android app crashes?

 - How do you detect memory leaks in an Android mobile application?

 - Can you think of any mobile automation tools available on the market?

Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions

 - Why are you suitable for the position of Android developer in our company?

 - What are your professional strengths and weaknesses?

 - Describe, please, the most interesting Android application development projects in which you have been involved.

 - Can you remember any decision you made on an Android app development project that turned out to be a mistake? What did you learn from this experience?

 - Do you like to be involved in analysis, design and deployment, or do you prefer to focus solely on completing a specific task?


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