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Hip pain identified as sciatica. Advancement made with a "Core Transformation" session.

Date:   2/23/2005 9:31:21 PM ( 18 y ago)

On my second visit with a new chiropractor on Monday he verified what I had come to suspect was a case of sciatica regards to my hip pain. Now that I know that I have begun to seek remedies specific to sciatica. Today I found two products at a newly discovered website
They have an article: Sciatica and its Treatment I found helpful! I have e-mailed the company about ordering their "Austral_Balm and Myopax. In my case I'm sure I need both of these but others may find they need only one or the other. These are a specific blend of therapeutic essential oils that also include emu oil. I am really looking forward to getting these products and begin applying them! They have testimonies of providing immediate relief.

Also on Monday I had my first Core Transformation session that is the most wonderful work of its kind I have ever experienced in my entire life. I can compare it to what I have experienced from doing a three-day "Enlightenment Intensive" in about one hour! This comes from the book "Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within by Connirae Andreas". Available used at I [plan to get this book and then do the process on the sciatica. I had worked on another minor issue for the introduction.

Today I finally connected with the hospital doctor's office regarding a question I had originally asked (or wanted to ask) them a couple weeks ago, namely the extent that the CT Scan and the soon-gram could show he health condition of the small intestine. the Dr.ís answer was "not very well". I had also asked about two blood tests: C-reactive protein/CRP and fasting blood insulin level as indicators for inflammation and was told they were normal. So maybe the intestinal condition is not as extreme as I was thinking? The pain was surely intense! Almost as intense as the worst sciatica pain with which I cursed both my parents. I'd still rather suspect the conventional medical model just doesn't have the capacity to provide a true reflection on things of this nature. Even though I am willing to go into the MD's office to give a final scrutiny to the test results I'm not expecting anything. I already know after having talked with the hospital that they do not have a nutritional therapy for cases like mine that don't have a diagnosis as was the case with me. Although I agree that it was the right thing to have me fasting for the first day or so (which they did in case I was going to go into surgery).

The common contributing factors I see so far between the intestinal inflammation and the sciatica is emotional stress. I have my work cut out for me in this quadrant of life! I believe that a large part of the emotional stress comes from not having the money I need to meet all of my needs. As soon as I have regained my physical mobility and put myself on a new intestinal cleansing program I intend to begin healing the money issues! I expect I can begin doing that in the next couple weeks if not sooner. The Core Transformation process can be applied to this issue as well as the physical/emotional issues. I know I've had issues about money for many years now and I have really done my best to live as simply as possible at a poverty level to avoid having to deal with the issues. But now that they have affected my health I have a new impetus to deal with these things! Isn't that often just how things go? I'm in the worst pain of my adult life, screaming out to God for help and eventually I can put 2 and 2 together! It's all based on a mental/belief thing. Somehow we get the idea that we can't or shouldn't have an abundant and powerful life based on false conclusions that we make of how others misused their power and wealth, etc. Now it's time to reclaim all of all power/s, all of our good/s and fulfill our selves, our destinies and see the world blessed as a result of our right use of everything! Now, more than ever before, is that time!

I'll be reporting back on the progress that I know I'll be making along these lines! In the core transformation I got to my core and I now can see a very bright future for myself. Something I just wasn't able to see before. We need to be able to welcome the future if we are going to make real progress. I can see a Jolly Good future because I found my Jolly Core! That's J-o-l-l-y and not jelly. Prior to the core transformation I was operating with a jelly center and I have to thank God and the Universe that I finally got sick of all the jelly at my core! That crap doesn't belong there and it can never replace the true core of my being! Eventually everyone will get sick and that will be the beginning of their wisdom...
OR it will just finish them off. One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite albums: TOMMY by one of my favorite groups: The Who:
"Sickness will surely take the mind
where minds don't usually go
Come on the amazing journey
and learn all you should know."

So, admit to your sickness and then use that as a journey to where you weren't planning on going so that you can finally arrive where you were born to be!

It's the path of the wounded healer and the Earth and this present world would very much like to see you now!

See you later!


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