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Some signs of improvement.

Date:   3/4/2005 1:37:32 AM ( 18 y ago)

I believe I am getting better. Earlier I was able to sleep a whole 4 3/4 hrs. in one stretch and that is a record for the past eleven days since the onset of the sciatica. I did a follow-up visit with the doctor I had in the hospital and he said I had Hepatitis C. I got it about 34 yrs. ago from a one time main-lining of heroine after which I was sick with jaundice. This doctor has referred me to the gastroenternologist that I got to see for about 5 minutes in the hospital and who then recommended I have a complete hepatitis blood work done. At least I know that my body is producing Hep C antigens. Now I need to have a test for the virus itself. I also want to see if the GI specialist is willing to “explore” the small intestinal inflammation as a separate issue, although I really don't know that they are interested in evaluating a relatively healthy intestine and/or whether I have mucoid plaque coating the small intestine. I figure the very least I could get is a test for the Hep C virus.

The sciatica actually was a bit more painful today and since I had emptied my bottle of herbal "Pain Eze" without any noticeable relief I have finally succumbed to taking aspirin. Two tablets appear to have suspended the pain for the afternoon and evening. I took another two to help me through my sleeping hours along with Muscle Relax. I had also tried two homeopathics: Bryonia and Rhus Toxicodedron separately at first and then combined but I don't see any benefits and decided to stop taking them.

I'm seeing two chiropractors for the sciatica, one is my regular doctor who does all the non-chiropractic or non-physical adjustments and then the second DC does the physical adjustments. I think it's almost funny that I'm seeing these two separately for the same issue and yet I need it! In fact I was able to spontaneously jump into an opening with the second DC this afternoon when I saw the secretary at a market and asked if there were any openings this afternoon and she said there was one right now. I needed it!

Tomorrow I get to see my main DC. In my last session with him he identified emotional issues behind this sciatica going back to birth! One thing was my perceiving noise as painful! Well, I think that's natural for a musician. It was a deep session and I feel more softness in my heart as a result of all of this. I have noticed this a number of times while listening to recorded music. All of which got me to thinking how wonderful it would be to get the hospital to donate some of it's undeveloped land to building an outdoor auditorium especially for live concert productions! Music Therapy!

I am still looking forward to getting Okra-Pepsin E3 sent to me and that's suppose to digest/disolve the mucoid plaque that's coating the small intestine. And I got an e-mail from the company in Australia (regarding their two products of therapeutic essential oils with Emu oil for the sciatica) saying they're making new batcjhes of both these products and should ship them as oof the 18th. An unexpected big delay! The aspirin will just have to tie me over til the good stuff comes through!


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