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Further up-dates on Sciatica and the search for pain relief.

Date:   3/6/2005 2:37:48 PM ( 18 y ago)

The following was originally written a couple days ago in a message to a friend:

"My healing is slow but sure.
I appreciate the many small improvements,
like being able to sleep more than two hours at a time
before waking in pain once again.

One thing I am most grateful for is
a new sense of deep and abiding peace!
Peace with who I am: The Being with a body.

I am discovering
that I am really the Jolly One behind all the body drama;
one who is learning how to smile on the pains and sorrows of the body;
and one who is learning how to give thanks
that the instincts of the body are toward survival,
and towards healing
whenever it is given the opportunity.
I am learning to remember this in spite of the many discomforts."

Since I wrote this my sciatica seems to have increased a degree on the 0 to 10 pain scale and I have to admit I don't readily feel in touch with my "Jolly" self. Rather than "smile on the pains..." I find myself seeking more powerful anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and the like! I'm now taking aspirin as of a couple days ago which I've held off from taking and didn't even have any on hand. Then a grerat friend of mine (See: Enchanted Gardener Blogs) mentioned that Dr. Bernard Jensen had demonstrated the noxious nature of aspirin when he would burn it in his classes. So that information has prompted me to seek more wholesome relief with medicinal use of: Turmeric (500 mg of 97% pure curcumin), Bromelain (1,000mg with 2,400 mcu or 1,080 gdu) plus Quercelin (500 mg). I'm also going to increas my dosage of Cod Liver Oil!

I had another session with my primary Chiropractor on Friday and again his work goes right down to the unconsciouly held beliefs. Once these beliefs are identified their self-limiting/destructive nature can be recognized for what they are. Then releasing/replacing these beliefs with more powerful, healthy "affirmations" is when the real "adjustment/s" take place!

I was disappointed to get an e-mail from Australia saying it would be a couple weeks untill they made their next batch of their two essential oil products (specifically made for sciatica) before fulfilling my order. Feeling the increased pain in the last coupole days and wanting to do my best to avoid taking drugs news like this is a challenge for me. Looking at it now I realize I have some anger that the company allowed their stock to be completely exhausted and causing a delay of my relief. Whether or not my thinking is correct I have to admit to feeling angry about the situation! So, I'm seeking other remedies and when I'm through all of this I'll have assembled a special "medicine bag" for other sciatica sufferers.


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