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Probiotics combats: ADD/ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue and other immune disorders. Repopulates the healthy flora in the gut. This beneficial bacterium boosts the immune system! You can even brush your teeth with the capsule contents to aid in cases of gum disease and gingivitis.

Date:   10/30/2006 6:20:17 PM ( 16 y ago)

Dysbiosis is a technical term meaning an imbalance of flora in the gut, mainly the colon. A normal human GI track houses more than 400 species of bacteria as well as various types of fungi and yeasts. In fact, about 50% of the average bowel movement is comprised of bacteria, both beneficial and not. With a lot of the flora being transient, the gut can be thought of as a hotel. The trick is keeping the rowdy guests under control by having plenty of good guests present. There are approximately ten times the amount of flora cells present in the colon as there are cells in the whole human body!

To keep the good guys coming back as repeat guests you need to do what many hotels do: create an atmosphere where they are comfortable. Many of our GI tracts have not been kept up in a way that attracts good bacteria. Overuse of prescription antibiotics, poor diets, high stress loads, environmental toxins, chlorinated and/or fluorinated water supplies, and more have killed off the good guys and wrecked the internal environment that stimulates their colonization. Some sources describe the process like this: the good bacteria (Lactobacillus species) act to protect the lining of the tract. They help to digest proteins and complex fats and even manufacture B-group vitamins.

This means they can increase the bio-availability of supplements. When they die off due to whatever cause, the bad bacteria, fungi or yeasts actually irritate the lining causing inflammation. This then leaves the pores of the lining larger than usual which in turn allows abnormally large particles to absorb into the blood stream wreaking havoc on the immune system. This leaves us in the position where we must renovate the internal environment of our hotel to attract the good guests.

Cleansing is an absolute must! We have to eliminate the bad bacteria that have taken up residence! Any herb that stimulates the removal of bodily wastes is of great assistance here, herbs like Jim Foley’s Colon Pills and Colon Cleanse that flush toxins and bad bacteria and yeasts/fungi out of the body. However, the poor environment is still there and the bad bacteria can come back. Pro Vitality Plus (probiotics) fills the need in this situation! Pro Vitality Plus (probiotics) contains a strain of Lactobacillus bacterium called Lactobacillus sporogenes. This particular strain is very beneficial as it comes already packaged by nature in a hard spore shell to endure heat, light, and oxygen making it very easy to store.

This 100% plant-based protective shell also protects it from hydrochloric acid (stomach acid). A nice feature is that it produces L+ Lactic acid in the colon, which is rapidly metabolized by the body. In contrast, L. Acidophilus makes D- Lactic which is solely metabolized. This then makes a receptive environment for other good bacteria since they require lactic acid in order to stick around and re-populate. Since it restores the balance of intestinal flora, it can control Candida albicans and possibly stop yeast infections.

This beneficial bacterium boosts the immune system! You can brush your teeth with the capsule contents of Pro Vitality Plus (probiotics) to aid in cases of gum disease and gingivitis. Because Lactobacillus sporogenes regulates, it holds the potential to alleviate both diarrhea and constipation. It has been cited to reduce harmful (LDL) cholesterol while helping to increase good (HDL) cholesterol. Another really special componemt of these combinations is that they provide FOS (fructose oligosaccharides). FOS is a special type of sugar that naturally occurs in vegetable, grains, and fruit. Used as a sweetener in Japan and found in things like Jerusalem Artichoke flour, it stimulates the growth of good bacteria. Ginger (zingiber officinale) and flax seed are also ingredients used in PVP to help eliminate bacteria.

Ginger stimulates digestive juices to flow. It tends to relax the digestive tract as a whole. PVP is packed with flax seed that supplies beneficial fiber that behave as what can be referred to as pre-biotics because they supply the types of fibers that create a wonderful home for beneficial bacteria. PVP supplies one billion Lactobacillus sporogenes per capsule. L sporogenes can thrive in internal environments with a pH of 4.4 to 10.6. It has been used to bring the body’s pH to a more acceptable level when over acidity is present.

Research is constantly linking ailments back to chronic dysbiosis. Utilizing tools like Pro Vitality Plus (plant base probiotic) by cleaning up our GI tracts and keeping the right bacteria present is vital for a strong immune system. This probiotic product enhances the body’s absorption of other dietary supplements, making them more effective by restoring the ecological balance in the intestines. The foods and nutritional supplements/herbs you are taking to improve health and energy are able to work at their maximum efficiency. Unlock your energy and good health through proper intestinal absorption.


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