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Date:   7/4/2005 10:04:53 AM ( 16 y ago)

7;41 AM
San Diego, CA
July 4, 2005

I am glad I am a Scorpio.
I have within me the Phoenix,
the MYthic Bird that can rise from ashes.

I died yesterday.
Happens often.
I am told my body is modeled
on the archetype of the Disciple Paul
who was once Saul but on the road to Taurus
he saw the Light and became a big PR man
for the Son of God.

I am told he had a spear wound on the right
side. My head is stuck
leaning to the Left. I am stuck listening to inner worlds,
but have\an extreme difficulty bringing very many of
the flashes I hear and see through my mind's eye
into the physical.

Events force me to come down to earth.
In 31 days I have a major event,
the arrival of 60 Sustainable Living Innovators
coming here to San Diego.

They are content rich innovators in every
area of Design by nature. They are Sacred Earth Keepers,
and masters of energy flows from various traditions.

I have had this incredible sense of responsibilty about this event.
How would you like to be implicated in inviting
60 of the World's most creative problem solvers to
your City for a gathering, but no one knew about it?

I have been sacrificing a lot,
killing myself working long hours
making sure our local Consciousness Media newspaper
told about the event.

I could spend the next 31 days telling people about this event,
but that would mean I completely disregarded
many of the other things I have to do.

This morning I had a TON of Flashes.
They come fast and furious.
I can hardly capture them all when they slip
through. I have so many cracks--narrow places--
between my energy of my head and above and feet.

I stopped the show yesterday that became
feeling I could not go on like this.

I feel I have created an incredible mess of the opportunity
of my life.

Life on earth is like a candy store.
One of the most beautiful parts of it is that we can
enter into relationship, the ultimate medicine.

Through relationship I receive feedback
and see the need for an attitude adjustment.

I cannot believe that a person who is so deeply
in love with life and people and has so many gifts
to network and shower humanity with solutions
can feel so utterly cut off from human essential

I had a difficutl time going to the FM yesterday.
I was shaking. I was still feeling the aftereffects
of the Live 8 on July 2 when millions around the world
committed to the End of Poverty.

I could sit here
sit here
sit here
sit here
for ever writing
my beautiful IDEAS
but it is time now to find more collaborate
ways of doing things
so I can live closer to the Jensen model;

That Model is LIVE8-8-8.

Eight hours for work.
Eight hours for sleep.
Eight hours for Re-Creation.

I come from LIFE
I die often.
I am heading for more LIFE.

your eg

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