Holy Song! by YourEnchantedGardener .....

Get this music and play it when you need an uplift. There is some free to hear on the website, too! Daniel has a cantor energy in the opera tradition. I can also hear him singing "Ol Man River!" about the Mississippi. That River seems to be in the national consciousness right now.

Date:   9/4/2005 2:26:12 PM ( 16 y ago)

I just finished listening
to Daniel Hendrick
singing Destino again.

I realize that it is not so much
the tradition that counts but the Spirit
that comes through the Music!

This is raw emotion and power.

It has been carrying me for about an hour.
I stopped the music now after finishing
my work.


Get this music if you want an uplift!


We all need to sing a new song!

See New Voices Must Rise here:


your eg


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