4. The Revelation by YourEnchantedGardener .....

4. The Revelation. Uncorrected. First Draft.

Date:   9/5/2005 3:56:58 PM ( 16 y ago)

The Revelation of
Your Enchanted Gardener
which God gave to show to his Servants.
He made it known by sending
She named Katrina.

I, Your Enchanted Gardener,
bear witness to the word of God
and to the testimony I heard.
Blessed are they who read
aloud the words of the prophesy
and blessed are those who hear,
and who keep what is written,
for the TIme is Now.

I fell as of in Slumber but I was Awake
and I feel tears as I
walk a lush knee deep paradise
of cool moss underfoot
green. I see Park Rangers
and Solemn groups coming to visit
this national Park Land of Mourning
and Remembrance.

Here before me is a marker to the last
youth who went out to save his sister
seeking help during thos Fateful Days.
She was screaming
and yelling and he ran to them who
had come to Guard the National Good.
Well meaning, bearing no harm to him
who was Innocent, they shot him dead
not knowing he was of Angels.

All Anger in the world passed with his
Death, a Youth too early in years
meaning no harm. All Anger in the world
passes out of the world with the last
bullets from guns of other Youth
who meant no willful harm but
thought they were protecting
themselves and others from the Danger
set in motion Eons ago showing up now.

Praise me the Heavens who send Angels
Walk now through the fields
and marshes where once Saints in name only
played sports like the Gladiators of Old.

Praise be to Earth for forgiving all Humanity
for not Knowing Her Ways.

Be Still and know for I the Earth
am of God
and I am in all of these who Rise Up.

God speaks and says,
I am the God of all Nations.
I am the God that belongs to all Nations.
Thank you All Nations for sending your
Peoples of your Good World to help when we needed You.
Thank you for your Compassionate
help beyond all the Differences we imagined.

We wecomed
you all with Graciousness.

We forgive
ourselves for imagining your were the
Terror we feared.

Praise be to all who walk here
who build a New Heaven and a New Earth
elsewhere outside this Park Land
that here proclaims the flow of life, as much
as Heaven flows through a single blade
of grass.

Abundance! Soft shimmering waves
of translucent River flowing and reminding
us: Do not damn me for if you do
you damn Your Self.

I am Your Mother Earth.
I bear no harm. I bear no grievance.
I am grateful that you have sojourned
through Trials and Tributions and stand
now in Union and aspiration of humanity Intended for this
Land of Freedom.

For this Freedom, did you first come to this Land.

Thank you for Seeing.
Thank you for Listening.
Thank you for your Solemn Forgiveing,
Thank you for honoring the Names of all those who gave
their lives.

See this marker here.
See this marker there.
All these were the last who died
to bring us to the Light of this Day.

"Walk with me. Wtness to the
Triumph of Humanity, who Fell
and Rose Up," the Ranger says.

Walk with me through the fields
the round soft edges of churning
windmills turning paddleboats
water trickling through rice paddies
and fields of amazing grains once
through lost.

Bear witness to Citizens once proclaimed
lowly, standing Tall, Guiding, Telling Visitors
the story
of how they passed through,
passed through, the darkness
of hate, and gloom and feelings of injustice
telling how they became the last to
live out the misery of enslaved thoughts.

I see here Banks taking in and giving out
an Economy of justice, banking on compost
investing in the good things of the Earth.

I see here a Supermarket
organically grown in a wonderous shape
and size made of natural substance.

I see here Whole Foods, and things pure
and natural that honor
those centuries when we misunderstood
that we already had The Perfect Way.

Growing, Growing, Children smiling,
happy, Mothers and Fathers together.
No one left behind-- Grandparents,
Grandmothers, all varieties, all loving
the various shapes of skin and ways to praise
that resound through this Concert Hall.
The orchestra is made of Children,
Children of those who once piled
old furnature in front of buildings
set aflame; The waters came and washed out
the sadness and injustice.

Listen, Listen to people speaking so many different languages
so many indigenous people once again rooted on the Earth,
visiting the gardens of
Rosemary and Frankencence and so very much more.

Gaze not at this Burning Bush in the middle
of Thyme
for it is of God, and you are standing
on Holy Ground.

Draft ONE
September 5, 2005

Holy Harmony, CD in the background.

your enchanted gardener
1:55 PM


"They killed a man here last night," Steve Banka, 28, told Reuters. "A young lady was being raped and stabbed. And the sounds of her screaming got to this man and so he ran out into the street to get help from troops, to try to flag down a passing truck of them, and he jumped up on the truck's windscreen and they shot him dead."

September 3, 2005

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